Flickr Plugin For Mephisto

Posted by Justin | 2 comments

Paul Ingles has created a flickr plugin for Mephisto. Been waiting a while for this myself and I'm sure others have. Additional information can be found on the mailing list.

Mephisto Themes

Posted by rick | 8 comments

Cristi Balan has released the great looking Skittlish theme for Mephisto, designed by Damien Tanner. I thought this was one of the first 3rd party themes, but it looks like Sebastian Gräßl beat them to it with AntiTheme and ValidCode

Good job guys!

The Brits Love Mephisto

Posted by Justin | 13 comments

Mephisto has been a hot topic as of late and we've seen some great things happen over the past couple weeks. Most notably, we've seen some really hot designs and some pretty cool plugins surfacing around the Mephistosphere. The Brits especially seem to be taking a liking to Mephisto.

Dan has a great looking Mephisto site which is sporting a host of Mephisto plugins he has created including Mephisto, Mephisto, Mephisto Upcoming, and finally his Unobtrusive Synatx Highlighter. Wow! Thats a lot of stuff and Dan has been kind enough to make it all available for the entire Mephisto community as simple Rails plugins.

Dan also tells us why he chose Mephisto over the host of other systems available, pointing out how easy it is to extend Mephisto among other things. Dan knows his stuff too. For those of you who don't know, Dan is the guy who hosts the @media conference.

UJSForRails and Luke Redpath

Luke (another bloody Brit) has been pumping out some beautiful Mephisto sites. Just as Dan showed us how extensible Mephisto is through plugins, Luke shows us how customizable the templates can be. It's a great example of a cross-breed site that uses both Mephisto's blogging features and it's site features.

Luke's personal site is also powered by Mephisto and is sporting a variation of the UJSForRails design. He has really blinged this one out with the plugin!

I'll show you mine if you show me yours

If you've got a cool looking Mephisto site or have created some plugins which others just can't live without, we'd like to see them. Toss us a comment and show us what you've been doing with Mephisto.

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