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Mephisto Edge

If you’d like to get the bleeding-edge Mephisto you can use git and checkout the source with the following commands. You must freeze Rails to 2.0.2.

Using git

Mephisto is stored in git, a version control repository. Git is free, and works on about every OS. You can view the repository on the web at GitHub.

  • Master is the absolute latest version of Mephisto. This is where the latest experimental features for the next major version live. The git url is: git://

  • Tags are a snapshot in time of the Mephisto trunk. Everytime I make a release, I tag it so that exact release is always readily available. Using this is the same as using one of the tar.gz files. Tags are available for 0.8 and above; please see the GitHub site for the URLs.

  • Each major release has a branch to accompany it. Every major release gets a its own branch. As bugs are found and fixed, they will be applied to the branch. No new features are added, generally. To get the 0.8 branch, first clone from the edge url and git checkout rel-0.8

Personally, I would suggest keeping your Mephisto installation frozen to a stable branch. You can rest assured that there won’t be any updates beyond tweaks and bug fixes. If you’re a little braver, freezing to trunk is a good idea. Major breaking changes aren’t the norm, so it shouldn’t be a big hassle to use. You will occasionally get bugs and have to deal with broken or unimplemented features though.

If you want to make local changes to Mephisto, but keep up to date on the app, it’s easily done with git. You just commit and it’s done! You can then pull from the github repository to keep up to date with more changes.