Mephisto overview

Mephisto Overview

Stay updated on what happens around your website with the overview. Grab the RSS feed to be instantly notified when something happens.

Easily manage content

Mephisto articles

You can work on articles as a draft or publish them right away. It's super easy to manage all of this with Mephisto.

Adding articles

Mephisto add article

Add an article and assign it to multiple sections. Articles also have revisions so there is no need to worry about overwriting something important.

Modify your design with ease

Mephisto Design

Modify every inch of your Mephisto design in the template editor. You can create new stylesheets, javascript files, and upload images all from this area.

Blog or no blog with sections

Mephisto sections

Mephisto allows you to decide how you want your site to act. Mephisto isn't just a blog, you can create blog sections or page sections which can contain only one article per page.

Get your team on

Mephisto Users

Mephisto supports multiple authors with the ability to disable authors' login capabilities.

Edit: Thanks for the insightful commentary everyone, but let's stay on track okay? Share your passion/rage on the mephisto google group or something :)